'The Fine Young Gentleman' Smartsuit SLO15208

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'The Fine Young Gentleman' Smartsuit SLO15208

Charming Through And Through, With Elements Of Classic Style Blended In Our One Piece Smartsuit. Functional Snap Button Vest Lets You Decide To Leave That Last Button Undone Ensuring The Fine Young Gentleman Elegance In Casual Modern Day Style. 

Here, The Classic Saying "Let The Dress Suit The Occasion" Prompts Us To Reply That This "Must Have" Piece Suits Every Occasion. Pair With Your Favorite Pants For The Final Touch.

Designed For Fuss Free Dressing And All Day Comfort. Made In Soft, Breathable Organic Cotton With A Nice 5% Spandex Stretch Blend For An Ultra Soft, Trim And Polished Look. 

Base Popper Snap Openings Are Nickel Free To Protect Young And Delicate Skin Against Irritation.

 A Note On Cotton Make-Up And Care:

Our Smartsuits are made with organic cotton (a natural fabric), and do not have any chemicals inside the cotton seed and yarn. This results in a short yarn filament  in comparison to combed cotton which can cause a natural “soft fuzz” effect over time. Additionally, with a 5% spandex blend to ensure comfort and ease when worn, cotton stays matted and should note that any soft texture change is not an issue of quality, but rather simply natural personality of the organic blended cotton.

  • We recommend a Short Washing time (around 20 to 30 minutes).
  • Please select a light garment / delicate mode for washing.
  • Fabric Composition: 95% Organic Cotton / 5% Spandex.

Note: Garment Bags to keep your precious items safe is also highly recommended.

Safety Warning: Keep Garments Away From Fire.

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