Mommin' Aint Easy: 6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Mommin'

24th Oct 2017

No one ever told me that "mommin’ ain’t easy." All I was ever told was, “Just wait until you have children of your own. You’ll understand me.” Thanks mom!

There probably are a lot of different resources out there for us as a guide as we raise our children but when it comes down to it, we hold the decision as to whether or not to follow "what research says" or how "our parents did it.” We choose how we will raise our own children based on the information we learn or from our own experiences.

If you and I were related, I’d probably tell you, jokingly, to wait until you have kids to understand motherhood. Although, I now realize that phrase actually meant something, I wanted to share six things I wish I knew before having kids.

#1 There are educational classes held at Sagua Managu where parents (new and those who need a little brush up) can attend to help with their journey in parenthood. Available classes are Lamaze Classes, Baby Bonding, Prenatal Care, Orientation, Sibling Class, Baby Daddy Class, Parenting & Safety, Breastfeeding Socials, and Hypno Birth Classes.

Click HERE to learn more about these classes and the scheduled dates until the end of the year.

Baby Daddy Class held at Sagua Managu

Instructor: Barbara C, Mafnas, RN, LCCE, CLC, IBCLC, HB

#2 MOMBRAIN is a thing. You will forget dates or you will forget the things on your to-do list. Heck, you will probably even forget that you had a to-do list! Give yourself a break, Mombrain happens.. I'm well known for having the best MOMBRAIN ever. :D

Real snapshot of my friend teasing me about my expert mom brain.

#3 Your baby loves YOU, all of YOU. I remember after I gave birth to my second and third child. All I could think about was how much weight I put on, it got the best of me. But then, my girls started to constantly tell me how beautiful my hair or my outfit was even if I didn’t feel it. I don’t remember what helped me realize this (#MOMBRAIN) but our children will not look back at how big we got or how we perceived our bodies unless we teach it to them. What they will definitely remember are the memories we share with them.

For example: You are looking at a photo of a family gather at the beach. While you might mope about how you couldn’t believe you wore that hideous bathing suit to the beach, your child(ren) will remember how that picture reminded them of the BALATI they threw at us! -TRUE STORY

What I would probably say: "OMG I'm so fat here."

What I should say: "Making memories of dangerous ways to ride in the Philippines with kids." Haha

#4 Trust your instincts. No one knows your child better than you. It’ll take a lot of getting used to and you will question your own instincts, but you will get there as long as you continue to trust your own instincts.

Just sharing that I learned the "up to no good" face after my youngest girl turned one.

#5 You can baby proof your house all you want but kids will somehow always get into something or get to something. I can’t even count how many times I’ve tried to baby proof things and it failed! Just laugh about it, and write it down to read out to your child on their 18th birthday or on their wedding day. Oops, did I just share my plan?

I guess boxes are okay. But I'd be lying if I told you my kids never got a hold of scissors to cut their hair or permanent marker for make overs. **POUTY FACE**

#6 Don’t forget about YOU. Let’s face it. We want to be the best mom in the whole entire world but we can’t do that unless we take care of ourselves. It might take time to get used to getting your hour or two of alone time every week. Even if its sleeping in for an extra hour or two while baby is being taken care of by someone you trust. Trust me, you will feel better and your ability to take over the world will increase.

I'm not a perfect mother, and I don't always know what to do. I'm still learning as I go. I just always remember that I am doing the best that I can for them. 

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Hope I was of a good influence for at least one point. Lol.

Thanks for reading!


Ednalyna N. Martin, Expert Mombrain

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