A 10 Day Trip with Two Children: I Survived!

5th Feb 2018

I can’t believe it!

I survived my first solo trip with the girls. Let’s face it many of us dread running errands with our children. There are endless possibilities of what could happen…. like one being hungry, or one being too tired, or one not being in the mood. What could be worse? My thoughts: If BOTH get sick somehow or BOTH become moody during an outing. This was one of my biggest fear flying with two children. 

Planning the trip

I knew my priority was to make sure that I held onto my girls at all times. So, I decided to pack very light. I literally packed 10 pairs of clothing for my daughters and I which all fit into a small carry on luggage.

Okay, the trip is less than four hours but I was SO SCARED. The plane ride wasn’t too bad with two children though. I am so used to hubby being there during trips where we could take turns taking the girls to the restroom… Luckily for me, I had the bright idea of choosing seats closest to the restroom. It benefited when we had to take a trip to the restroom, but it didn’t benefit me… I was feeling so nauseous from all the movement I felt at the rear of the plane.

I also didn’t have to prepare as much as I did when they were babies and toddler which I talk about HERE. I had the girls pack their blankets notebook, a folder, and 4 or 5 small toys in their own backpack. The girls took an hour nap, they drew in their notebooks and did some homework the next hour. The final hour was spent playing with toys and with static. I’ve got to admit, even I was having fun with that.

We arrived at the airport safely. My minimal packing was well worth it! My attention was more towards making sure my girls were close. We were in the Philippines anyway, I knew that if there was something I forgot, I would be able to find a small packet of it for a very good price.

Activities with children

Since this was a reunion, I had family around me most of the time, so I really didn’t feel like I was alone. We spent a few days in my family’s province where my kids had a BLAST walking the streets to get to our relative’s house. I was nostalgic. Life in the island is so busy and quick for my family and I so I rarely get to see things like this happen with my girls. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE.

The girls experienced so much fun stuff this time around, there was no itinerary that I made, we literally just went with the days and planned our activities the night before. It actually wasn’t as stressful as having to plan in advanced which I am so used to doing. We enjoyed the local carnival, malls, flea markets, and mini stores on the streets. My youngest enjoyed her daily treat of ‘pandesal’. She loves it so much she begged me to pack some for when we leave.

5-hour car ride and 3-day Baguio fun

We had a little getaway with my sisters, some of our children, and parents in Baguio. We haven’t been with each other for about 15 years so this was definitely a good treat. Each day was planned with activities but sadly, we had to move plans around because half of the family was getting sick! We couldn’t figure out what it was but it’s going to be something we will never forget. Haha. It was a wonderful bonding experience for us no matter how cramped the space was. We literally had about 10 people in 2 different rooms so personal space did not exist for at least 3-days. I guess it was just like that when we were little where we slept and hung out all together in a small living space. *sigh* it was nice.

The car ride there though was pretty interesting. I was car sick and my girls had the energy of Taz from Looney Toons. 5 HOURS….. *insert zombie looking mom face here* We had one hour left until we reach our destination and so I decided to ask my sisters to watch the girls while I join the other van to snore… It was so worth it.

Saying good-bye

It was the night of our flight and minutes before we were set to leave for the airport, my oldest daughter somehow caught her finger in the electric fan that was set on the highest mode! She screamed bloody murder and it has been a LOOOOONG time since I’ve heard my oldest girl cry that cry. My heart hurt, her younger sister was so worried but scared at the same time as she covered her ears from the screams. THANK GOD her finger wasn’t injured so bad, it would just be bruised for quite a while…

We finally got to the airport that evening and went through a smooth check-in process. The girls and I bought some snacks with what ever pesos we had left… we walked into the GATE area and it happened. BOTH my children started to cry. They cried to the point where they couldn’t speak for a few minutes. I was hysterical too (inside) I didn’t know what was going on. I check their entire body to see if something had hurt them. When my girls calmed down a bit, they told me something that just made my heart melt. Thinking about that moment makes me feel soft inside.. They both said that they were going to miss their family SOOOO much… their tears started falling yet again.

After all the traveling I had experienced with my girls, this was the first time they felt so much sadness when leaving. I realized how much fun they had and how much they bonded with family. Sometimes I wish family was just a car ride away…

Thanks for reading! Did you ever have any similar experiences? How young were your children when you went on your first trip? What tips do you have for other moms who will be traveling with a small child?

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