Bina Drapping Top

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Bina Drapping Top

A layer of chiffon in vibrant floral conceals a side nursing accessfor mothers to wear even after pregnancy. With an inner camisole of naturally soft bamboo, the sleeveless top is a perky piece designed to fit and flatter before, during and after pregnancy.

1) Functional - This top is perfectly suited for the look of a modern and chic mother. It abides to your changing body shape, accentuating it at every stage of your pregnancy. A side nursing access is suitably located for you to continue wearing the piece you love postpartum, nursing your newborn.

2) Fashion Forward - We analyse runway favourites and colour trends with you in mind. With a fashion forward cutting and design, it serves as both a stylish and functional touch. The top expands and accommodate to flatter your growing baby bump, the piece also conceals the nursing access so the top looks just like any stylish apparel.

3) Fabrics and Cut - We understand how pregnancy can cause sensitivity to your skin and changes to your body that make your usual favourite wardrobe pieces feel uncomfortable. At Spring, we meticulously select fabrics that you will find more comfortable and a cut to fit your growing body throughout pregnancy.

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