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The B-SAFE 35/Elite Accessory Base works in conjunction with the B-SAFE 35 and B-SAFE 35 Elite Infant Car Seat. Engineered to self-guide the car seat into the proper locked position, the base also features premium push-button LATCH connectors, a built-in lock-off and a spring loaded recline adjustment feature. The B-SAFE Accessory Base is easy to install and use correctly each and every time. 

Britax has been a pioneer in child passenger safety for over 35 years, developing innovations that enhance the safety of child car seats and improve their ease of installation and use. Their commitment to improving child safety is unparalleled: all Britaxproducts undergo the most rigorous testing in the industry at 5 Britax testing facilities worldwide. Britax works closely with vehicle manufacturers, consumers, and child safety experts to encourage design improvements, ensure proper installation and use, and develop new ideas to improve child safety seats' safety and ease of use.

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